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Mr. Adekoya Opeyemi Jonathan is an academic member of the Department of Business Education, Michael Otedela College of Primary Education.

Brief Biography:                               Mr. Adekoya Opeyemi Jonathan is an academic member of the Department of Business Education, Michael Otedola College of Primary Education.  He joined the service of the College on the 1st of April, 2008 as an Assistant Lecturer and rose to the level of Senior Lecturer.  He was born on the 10th June, 1976 in Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State. He obtained B. Sc. (Ed) Secretarial Administration in 2004, M. Ed Business Education in 2015 and Ph. D Business Education in view.  He is currently the Ag. Head of Department and Specialist in Office Technology and Management Education, and has published in national and international journals, and textbooks.  His areas of interest include research in Entrepreneurship and Business Education, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and contemporary issues.

Membership of Professional Bodies:(i)       Association of Business Educators of Nigeria (ABEN)

                                                            (ii)        Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)

                                                            (iii)       Business Studies Teachers Association of Nigeria (BUSTAN)

(iv)       Association of Teachers in Tertiary Institution of Nigeria (ASSOTTIN)

(v)        Association of Promotion of Health, Education and Technology (APREHET)


Designation:                                       Ag. HOD, Business Education/Senior Lecturer

Phone Number:                                 08058100581; 07013666722

Area of Specialization:                      Office Technology and Management Education

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      The Department of Business Education domiciled in the school of Vocational Education in Michael Otedola College of Primary Education, Noforija Epe, Lagos State was established in 2002

      The Department of Business Education domiciled in the School of Vocational Education in Michael Otedola College of Primary Education, Noforija Epe, Lagos State was established in 2002 to cater for the teeming students population who desire to be educated on the requisite for entering into business world. As a form of education for and about business, it has two options viz; Office Technology and Management Education, and Accounting Education. We have seasoned and reliable lecturers who demonstrate good expertise in their respective areas of specialization.

      The Department of Business Education has in the past seventeen (17) years of its existence produced excellent, well-mannered and productive graduates, who proceed to acquire additional educational qualifications at various universities home and abroad while certain numbers have been gainfully employed in reputable institutions/organisations and quite a good number of these graduates has become employers of labor. There is no gainsaying that such graduates have proved to be good ambassadors of the Department in particular and the College in general.

      At the 4th Convocation Ceremony held on Thursday, 22nd August, 2019, the department produced good numbers of efficacious graduates with five outstandingly best students which boosted the successful efforts of the department. It is hoped that more of this laudable feat will be achieved in years ahead.

      The department has witnessed increase in the number of admitted students annually showing their interest in the business education program.  In reality, she has played a pivotal role in the actualization of the overall goals of the philosophy of education as stated in the NCCE Minimum Standard.

      As a result of tremendous infrastructural development witnessed within the college, the department has the following:

      • Two (2) Manual Laboratories
      • An ICT Laboratory
      • A Model Office


      The Heads of Department – Past and Present

      1. Mr. S. A. Onamade   (Coordinator) -           2002 – 2003
      2. Mrs.  Adeluola, A. M. -           2003 - 2012.
      3. Mr.W. G. Adebosin -           2012 - 2016
      4. Mr. S. A. Onamade -           2016
      5. Dr.W. G. Adebosin -          2016 – 2019
      6. Mr. O. J. Adekoya -          2019 - date

      Course Lecturers in the Department are:

      1. Mr. Adekoya, O. J.           -  Ag. HOD/Senior Lecturer
      2. Dr. Adebosin, W. G.          -           Chief Lecturer
      3. Mr. Ayanwole, A. A.           -           Senior Lecturer
      4. Mrs. Shabi, S. O.           -           Lecturer I
      5. Mr. Olanrewaju, T. A.           -           Lecturer I
      6. Mr. Oyewole, A. S.           -           Lecturer I
      7. Mr. Adeyemi, A. P.           -           Lecturer I
      8. Mr. Oluwo, O. A.           -           Lecturer I
      9. Mrs. Nwabuisi, O. F.               -           Assistant Lecturer
      10. Mr. Saula, D. T.           -           Assistant Lecturer


      2019/2020 Course Advisors

      NCE I


      NCE II

      MR. ADEYEMI, A. P.

      NCE III

      MR. SAULA, D. T. &

      MRS. NWABUISI, O. F.

      NCE IV

      MR. OLUWO, O. A.


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